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Feb 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
& vallly high school..- 3 people are alleady discussing -3 who will succeed pope benedict the 16th......after is ssrprise resiggntion this moonnng. &pmornnng..he eiggty-five yeer - old pope says he does not havee the ssrength to continue as -3 leaaer of theeccurrh.even the &ppope'' cardinals ann closest aidds did not see this coming great speculatton now begins & about who theecollege of cardinals will selecc to lead the world's estimattd onn billioo catholics. 3 ruddy says: "i -& thinkkit is more llkelyyit 3 america or another ne ffthe &pcontinentt. i thinkkthere is & jjst tooomuch concern that -3 havinggaa american would be too muchhof a concentration of ppweerin america.""- ameeica."a vaaican &psppkesperson says they hope is to have a new pope in place by in 14-15 p3 in baatimore.../ -3 there's... plenty of surprise... tt the popees....announcemenn...///. annnoucement...///.as... & the shrine... of... st..alphonsus... news..../.some... onder about hissphyyscal difficultiess.. t... agg william lori... was also he offered praiis for thee-pontiif. (lori) "his holiness is a profound
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1